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Thrust Geoconsultants Private Limited is a Geo Science Consultancy firm established by Geoscience professionals with years of experience in the field of Groundwater Exploration and Water Management, Rainwater Harvesting & Managed Aquifer Recharge, HydroGeological Mapping and Mineral Exploration.

The purpose of Thrust is to provide quality service to the clients in the field of Geoscience with the application of state of the art techniques.

Thrust with its dedicated team of geoscience professionals thrives to explore sustainable solutions in the field of Geoscience

As the demand for fresh water is ever increasing, with limited human resources available in this field - Thrust - will fill this gap through its technical skills and know how. The three guiding principles of the Organisation are Safe and Sufficient water for all, customer satisfaction and confidence, and to promote and ensure the use of best management practices.

With its strong presence in the field, Thrust has built a strong secondary data base on Geology, Hydrogeology, Hydrometeorology and Gomorphology. Also aware of the existing policies and practices on water resources development and management.

Thrust is established to cater the needs of individuals, Corporates, Industries and other Institutions for sustainable water resources development and management.

The main areas of concentration are,

  • Water resources Assessment, Development and Management.
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Managed Aquifer Recharge for Individuals and Industries
  • Education and training on Water Resources Conservation & Management
  • CSR projects on water conservation and management
  • Research on effective urban water management

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